Understanding Provokatsiya: Alt-Right in Cahoots with Alt-Left ‘Resistors’

The horseshoe theory asserts that the far left and the far right, rather than being at opposite and opposing ends of a linear political continuum, in fact closely resemble one another, much like the ends of a horseshoe. The theory is attributed to French writer Jean-Pierre Faye.

When looking for crimes. ALWAYS follow the money. Greed is always at the heart of any crime including treason and sedition.

Congressman Trey Gowdy, on the House Intelligence Committee, is funded by PACs which appear also to have funded Russia’s attack on the United States election. Mr. Gowdy is a former prosecutor who went out of his way to castigate Hillary Clinton for her email server. When Jason Chaffetz illegally revealed the letter James Comey had […]

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An expose on someone who has been lying to us. Details within. An example of Russian Active Measures. Hard pill for many to swallow. But the proof is there.

The greatest frustration I have when trying to explain Russian active measures, agents of influence, and so on, is people’s inability to think like our Russian adversaries. Instead, we often fail to do that, instead thinking like Americans. For example, we may believe that #NeverTrumpism is the gold standard for determining who is or isn’t… via

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