Weaponized Marketing

How Russia used aggressive and weaponized marketing techniques to mess with our minds

Have you heard of Microsoft? Apple? Linux? Telemarketing? If you work in tech, two (maybe three) of those terms above will probably be rage inducing, if you use a computer as an average joe/jane, you’ll be indifferent to all except one of those terms which will be rage inducing. If you’re a luddite with a landline, you’ll likely only find one term rage inducing.

If like me you found telemarketing the common and most rage inducing term in there, welcome to the club. We’re triggered by certain words, phrases visuals, etc. It’s human nature. The more disciplined and aware amongst the population see these things and know how to emotionally detach from the impulsive (knee jerk) reaction that comes with certain triggers.

What does this have to do with RAM? Everything! Their propaganda machine is one big reason people are so horribly politically divided. Mind you not the only reason, but a big one nonetheless.

Ok so what did Russia do? Look at this week’s headlines, Facebook under congressional inquiry over their allowing fake news content run rampant on their platform. Twitter no doubt will be next.

Weaponized Marketing, basically what Russia did. They took already established prejudices and mindsets, then amplified them to an extreme degree, taking normal seemingly benign headlines out of proportion and exaggerating them. Example, Hillary had a flu while campaigning, this was amplified by right wing outlets as a sign she was dying (those reports obviously agreed badly, but that wasn’t the point). The weaponized aspect to this is the annoyingly spammy way the message got out and spread and promoted, but both paid means and “grassroots” methods using gullible folks to get it out there. Too many bought into the fake nonsense.

Like the slickest marketing campaigns, mass reach and word of mouth is the successful formula for mindshare. We know who Coca-Cola is because their ads are EVERYWHERE! A washboard l weaponized campaign will do the same. Russia arguably has more money to get the word out than Coke does. So imagine the resources.

Some people are now aware of this method and have become reasonably inoculated to it. But this kind of weaponized marketing campaign has been going on for decades, see my John Titor article for one of many examples. Which leads me into the next article….

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