How to Spot Russian Disinfo known as Deza (with examples)

Yes he believes fucking Lizard people rule our world (except in Russia and Donald Trump or Kim Jong fatfuck) 

The above image is how it starts. Extremes are pushed. The utterly absurd, which some genuinely believe….let that sink in for a moment. Many of these people also buy into the absurd idea that the earth is flat and fully debunked BY GODDAMN VIDEOS AND PHOTOS THAT IT’S ROUND!!!…*sigh* ok deep breaths.

New paragraph to refresh. Ok so besides the above, what else constitutes Russian disinformation or Deza as it’s also known? Memes. Here’s a great resource regarding his memes with stats. But it’s not the whole story, just the side he doesn’t like. Here’s the side he does like..


So the above is an unintended example of Deza. Does not mean the author is a Russian spy, but has been influenced by Russian intelligence ideas of how they want us to view them. This has been a years, decades long process where society is conditioned to believe certain ideas despite actual facts, usually these things show up in entertainment.

Let’s use a different example. That nation with the fat guy with the funny hair….no not the President of the USA(well not who I meant, Keep reading)!!! North Korea!! They’re viewed as nuts and reclusive, but within their own borders Kim Jong Un (Un must be the sound he makes when he shits, but I digress) is seen as almost a god by his own people…at least publicly. This is the standard by which Putin wishes to get to at a worldwide level. So he uses different means to achieve a perception. His bullshit news outlets produce so much bullshit news to create a perception that both he and Russia are superior to all and that they are being hated on by the “evil” west that also happens to not serve radiactive tea to people for being called a pedophile.

Numbers are kind hard to dispute unless one is a willfully ignorant idiot. See here for numbers. Strong implies in all things. In that case, numbers pretty much make the overall strength of Russia look like Stephen Hawking vs The Rock in a fight (Much respect Mr Hawking love your work). But I guess when Vodka is consumed in large quantities in the throes of economic collapse, one will think they’re strong. Kinda like your local drunk with “beer muscles”, except at a national and government level.

Leo DiCaprio left vs Leo “VodkaKomrade” DiCrapinski on the right
Russian Tank Circa…10/8/2017
Strong..*hic* liquor strong, Komrade!

Moving on. So let’s delve a little deeper into the more subtle Deza out there. It takes many forms, but always has something consistent, it is designed to favor the Russia agenda. Even at times when it appears to favor it. Which brings us back to extremes I mentioned in the beginning. Political and social extremes they’ve been playing since the 1920s even here’s a link.

Then there’s the overt shit where they play the victim. I won’t do Russia the dignity of even pushing the original links so I’m posting only images of a copy pasta of a recent RT article where a bunch of well known figures one of which I consider a friend gets their attentions, notice who’s not in that list? The people on that list’s critics!! Google the rest from the article.

Well he was captured in Vietnam in which Russia was allied. I’d hate Russia too, more so even. Mad props for his composure. Aside, how the fuck does Morgan Freeman enter this list? Oh right he’s black Russia is racist. Probably thought he was Obama the racist fucks. He did play a President tho in a couple movies so….
Mega-tweet skillz indeed. Louise can Tweet better than RU used Yandex to write that shit
WAAAA Why you hates us Tovariches!? <translated by Yandex>

Takes tiny balls to write that shit all hidden and shit with no author then pass it off as “journalism”. But note the people in that list are a mix of political and social backgrounds. But they’re all American or in the case of NATO an alliance of nations.

Russians are cowards that hide behind proxies and work in the shadows, doing shadowy things like criminals. Shine a light on them and you’ll see their fear.

But let’s dive a but deeper into what consists of deza. Mind you not ALL deza is RIS or as obvious. Some of it is a bit more subtle. Here’s one example of how bullshit is peddled by expert bullshit artists (the article below ranks as a Monét):

The prelude to massive suckage.
Won’t even go forward, this IS the suckage and basically the whole thing on repeat

Then only a few hours later and in at least one instance the past, he gets owned by outlets using his own idiotic litmus test of being validated by MSM outlets (which oddly did not validate his shit). Here and here and a lawfirm decided to run the story as well….IN MAY!! Still over a MONTH after Louise Mensch did! Interesting!!!

Ok so now does this means Roger Sollenberger is RIS? I don’t know. My guess is he has been horrifically misinformed by various people who make it their business to do so. OR his bosses made him write this story, it remains unknown, BUT the talking points he uses are FIRMLY rooted in typical Deza (RU Disinfo) methods. Attacks the person not the info. He first calls her “crazy” “batshit” then attacks the info without providing ANYTHING other than it has been discredited without citing a SINGLE source. He SEEMS authoritative, but upon closer inspection it becomes clear he’s not. He cites NO sources.

This is the typical deza method however. Sound authoritative and yet prove no facts and infact deny you ever said things! (which he did in his article). At the same time tho I am inclined to believe he is a fool being fooled by other fools OR actual agents of influence. This happens alot to all of us.

All said all this is done to create disorder and make Russia appear strong…like bullies are, cowardly acting to incite chaos without getting their hands dirty, but acting tough through acts of intimidation. But being cowards by hiding behind proxies.


I veel fock you up giant of a man! I am strongest, whitest, manleest one der ees and don’t you forget it leetle fuckturd, unless you are beeger, then I get you tea.

Now before I close, I’m not a journalist nor am I claiming to be one. I am a person who researches stuff and unlike certain actual journalists sources my info rather than throw shit at a wall and hope it sticks. Also trying to entertain a bit much like our MSM does, minus the bullshit. But note I do try to post as much accurate info in my articles as I can with sources. IF I have no source and it is my speculation I will note it.  –Chief

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