The Subtlety of Russian Active Measures

Read this first …done? Ok let’s kick this into high gear. Now you know as I’ve known that Russian Active Measures are not done only by these guys hashtagging MAGA all over the place like rabid monkeys:


Get the picture? Now this is OBVIOUS. The extreme, the ABSOLUTE extreme opposition as well as the unseen RU twitter trolls with shitty Yandex translations for tweets. Now those people who like myself identify as moderate Democrats (this also applies to never Trumper Republicans as well) will note this is par for the course, the norm on social media. It is obvious to see. However what is more insidious is the fox in the henhouse wearing a chicken outfit. Some of the disguises are Oscar worthy. Let’s take this example. We KNOW Russia Today or RT or whatever the shit that acronym we know for Russian propganda is, IS used for Russian Active Meausres. SO when someone quotes it. ESPECIALLY known intelligence people, you gotta wonder who’s side they’re REALLY on after our own Intelligence (and the rest of the freaking planet, except Russian allies) would say it is CLEARLY Russian Propaganda. Sources here, here, here and here

So let’s take a look at some people who’ve quoted RT or other Russian sources to make their point.


So let’s see. We have far-left Jill stein, and a “resister” Malcolm Nance BOTH pushing Russian propaganda. I’d call Nance’s thing a one off except the day before this article’s date Nance a veteran himself smeared a Gold Star Family, Chief Of Staff John Kelly’s (a former General in the US Marine Corp) because TRUMP politicized his sons death and Kelly would not resign. Now seeing how much Trump has accomplished under General Kelly (as in nothing) it is clear that COS Kelly is basically a dam of hoover proprtions holding back the epic shitstorm should Trump be unfettered. He is holding the line as a Marine does. As he swore to do as a Marine and still does in his goverenment post. Then Nance had the tiniest balls to tweet this:


Why? Because general Kelly is doing his job. The thankless job of keeping our nation from decending into Chaos. Now make no mistake, I do not necessarily agree politically with General Kelly, nevertheless, anyone with half a brain or not being paid in rubles can see he is one of the few people between us and a dictatorship. If one watches varios photos and video footage, General Kelly’s disdain for Trump in his body language is palpable. It’s memeworthy even! He is holding the line as is General Mattis.

Ok so how is the above RAM? It plays well into the Russian game of divide and conquer. Nance fanbois/gurls will agree with him while others will condemn him further dividing the resistance. Russia wants this. It makes it harder to fight them if the Resistance is divided. Loyalties tend to be fickle in that sense at times. Russia plays it as we’ve seen with the opening link from the guardian. Let’s take a look at Nance’s counterpart Naveed Jamali. Curious that people seem to ignore another aspect of his career. Betcha didn’t know he worked for Michael Flynn didja? YES the same Michael Flynn who is a traitor?


I made the images extra large so it can be seen in detail. Flynn’s site of course has scrubbed or locked down those pages. But WayBack’s a bitch. In this case Google Cache. But either way this is the content from the page with the link should you wish to type it out.

These  two individuals (Nance & Jamali) appear on not on RT but on MSNBC with alarming regularity, while postulating nonsense that often tends to be inaccurate OR pilfered from another source without atribution and incorrectly portraying it. On things they “analyzed” they have been wrong on a few occasions and never corrected) But this is a good primer on Jameed Navali as well from my partner site at Russia Revealed. Naveed has provided disinfo in the past. He has a tendancy to lie and exagerrate his claims. But in this article he made a point of lying to discredit Louise Mensch, an activity he continues to this day via twitter along with Nance. Now what does this have to do with RAM you ask? This is how it works! It is subtle. Sometimes they’re aware of it, other times the agents are not even aware! But on this I have to say they are aware as they knowningly quote blatent lies about people who disagree with them online. Plenty of tweets on their feeds with info that can be verified.

For Jill Stein, how’d that recount go? The money seemed to go nowhere. The recounts seemingly produced no obvious results that were not already known. Then there’s the whole fact she’s trying to undermine our electoral process, something that the Kremlin again has been engaging in here, but has done in various nations around the world, so plenty of searchable precedent. 

It was not WifI that fried your brain…it was the tea you had in Russia next to Putin.

So let’s look at ANOTHER cause that was not only rolled by Russia but pushed by major social media influencers for a while. CalExit! Because the 12th largest economy in the world leaving it’s parent nation is a good thing for all right? But before that some Russian historical context. The EX-KGB is a misnomer, there IS NO SUCH THING AS EX-KGB! The acryonym changes, but NEVER any EXes in there…unless you die of natural causes from a 20 story fall, or exploding Russia those are natural cause deaths. But I digress…here’s the Russian nostradumbass. He is stating that our nation will split, BUT never really goes into detail as to how.  Here’s more if you’re interested. 

Ok back to Calexit…..And we’re done. Seeing how anyone calling for sessceion could be a Russian influenced or operated now? Of course if you read the news Texas and Louisiana have threatened to secede many times during the Obama administration. Curious how that works right? But make no mistake this is how Russia has operated for DECADES! This is nothing new with their efforts to interfere in other nations to break them and force them into subservience to Russia.

But the efforts ALWAYS start with propoganda. The internet has made it both inexpensive and remarkably easy to disseminate the information rapidly and at scale. So knowing that, many people can be less than diligent in their efforts to vet articles or information pushed by those they follow on social media. Or hold similar biases which the Kremlin can and does exploit.

The only thing I can advise anyone is to check how much in common their influencer follows/likes have with the Kremlin and their reactions when it’s questioned. My approach has been to ask polite questions, then see where it goes. Usually not far as I’ll see myself blocked if the question is polite, yet pointed. Probing questions rapidly frusterate. They call it trolling. POLITENESS IS THE KEY. If you act like a dick, ANYONE will shun you. So be as polite as you would be to a person in real ife. BUT also have sources ready to produce. If they’re pushing a line you think may be a Russian agenda thing. Do your own part and research it!

Point out the research out to the person in question and ask them why they are pushing something that Russians agree with. Their reaction will say it all.

Putin works his nation destroying “magic” that way. He preys on the ignorance of people to his advantage. It is how and why we got Trump sadly.

He w3rking hees “mageek” <- translated from Russian using Yandex


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