The Cultural Acceptance Of Russian “Superiority”

Like Steven Seagal, he’s only tough in front of a camera

Putin thinks himself a tough guy. He’s so secure with that thought that he needs to make sure everyone believes it with pictures of him being manly. He likes to go our shirtless. ALOT. It’s taking it’s toll on him. He’s had work done.

Umm…this took a strange turn in his “manly” crusade

The mindset is pervasive in culture all over the world. However those who read and study knows its utter shit. His past of course is light on details. Light on details but full of shit. Let’s just make that clear…exhibit A

The Real Putin

The Real Putin had he not been recruited to the KGB to handle luggage for REAL SPIES…But alas this is where he went…

Remember post Back To The Future Biff? Why? Oh no reason
Putin is no man’s bitch…except for literally everyone in front of him.
Where's Putin? (Hint, he's to the left)
Where’s Putin? little guy to the left there.
Komrade, I don't read sheet, I jast cahrry loogage
Nyet! I not paid enough potatoes to read! I carry briefcase for bottle of Vodka!
That shirtless thing started young….not a good look then either.

Like other autocrats before him, he portrays himself and his nation as much stronger than they are. Using the internet, they’ve accomplished this via memes…yes fucking memes. Here’s one unintentional example of how pervasive the perception of Russian toughness has become in American culture.

Right….average……and yet….

Here’s a few specimens of Russian “superiority”

Russian Scientists create subpar “clone” of Hollywood “star” RU Fail Take 1 (of millions)
To the right the REAL Leo, to the left, Russian Fail take 2
I guess Yandex Translates super to stupid. Stupid Soldiers? Nyet Komrade, we have super weapons!

..Getting it? I touched upon this in my previous article but felt it needed more explaining. This cultural “acceptance” of inflated/exaggerated Russian culture is a form of Deza meant to make their rivals feel inferior. Don’t buy it! Don’t amplify it! It’s utter bullshit! By the numbers, these guys get it on various levels. Ok I get it every nation says they’re the greatest in the world. But reality it’s only autocratic and despotic nations fake it. All others have something to be proud of where the people rejoice in. But I digress, the need for a national leader to show his masculine prowess is a sign of insecurities. Thiss extends to their actual supporters as well. Those with a need to denigrate those they see as lesser than them. In the USA, we see it here with Trump, his supporters and from controlled opposition as well (another topic I’ll cover next article). But overwhelmingly we see it from the established autocratic nations. The whole we’re super epically powerful schtick. An example of that to the bitter end…

Whoops! Wrong guy.
Here we go.

See the pattern? Whenever you see a Russia’s awesome or Putin’s tough meme, ask yourself about the source and if you’re being manipulated into believing he’s a tough guy, even in funny memes there can be a message someone wants you to believe.

Be aware as this is how we get manipulated, it is how we got Trump, it is an ongoing operation that still is happening even now. It is in part how we got where are are. Subtle deza and false perceptions. Consider that this same technique can be used to denigrate an opponent and make them appear weak using controlled opposition as well as smears. But also done via memes. Look at google and type Hillary. The amount of false news and insane memes is insane! This was done to manipulate people via funny, and mixed truth/lies memes and plausible lies. So be aware of this as you move forward.

Until next article.

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