This is NOT a news site. There WILL be news on here however, but it will generally be sourced from elsewhere. IF it’s information I came upon on my own you will know, in which case it is indeed news. Mainly the bulk of the content here will be my thoughts and analysis on Russian Active Measures (RAM as I’ll refer to it frequently).

This site is simple. It’s about exposing the techniques used by Russia to influence our world. Also hopefully the chance for others to find inspiration to fight back. We’re in the first Information World War EVER. This is an unprecedented attack via a more insidious method of attack, our minds. People have been manipulated and played by “conspiracy theorists” who have in most cases been agents of Russian influence.

The hope here is that as time goes on you the reader will see these methods and see them and expose or counter them as you see fit. It is time WE THE PEOPLE did something to fight back. This is not a fight with guns and bombs, but with information. If you can operate a keyboard or a smartphone, you can fight this fight too. And you should.

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