Was Giuliani the “insider” that allowed 9/11 to happen?

And no photoshopping was done. Hair and make up took a vacay for this speech.
So given the nature of this topic, the assumptions will be that this is tin foil twattery, I leave that to you the reader to judge, I have sourced the information I have from various reputable sources. This has been key to the research. And given what we know now about Russian Active Measures and all the known players, this gains a great deal of plausibility given the many red flags. It is a wonder much of what is sourced is not being reported on more widely. But it the question the title article posts is a valid one.

Given Giuliani’s trips to Russia and his involvement in the tRUmp scandal as a Russian business partner, the question needs to be asked, how long has he been in the Russians pockets? To answer that, we need to step back a bit. Rudy’s dad had connections to the mob… but more to the point, he too had a campaign full of mob money on his mayoral run. Curious given the context of today’s politics and what we now know of Russian active measures, the propaganda in favor of Russia, rather against the USG, one has to question the timing of Giuliani being elected using Russian mob money.

What favors got called in? Look the other way? Russia’s mobsters don’t donate out of political altruism. I don’t even think they get the concept of altruism. To further establish this alarming possibility that Giuliani is involved with 9/11 in its execution, one needs to only understand the context of Russia’s sponsorship and connections to terrorism, specifically Osama Bin Laden from none other than Alexander Litnivenko a former Russian spy close to Putin and by former I mean dead because he spilled the beans on Putin.

Given the timing of Giuliani’s mayoralty of NYC and the timing of his Senate run in 2000 there is currently alot of circumstantial open sourced evidence to support some connection to the 9/11 attacks beyond the more publicly known one role he played in the handling of it. The move provided him with much prestige and political capital for a time on the world and national stage. Other red flags (no RU puns intended) include his overriding his aide Jerome Hauer’s recommendation to locate the city’s command center in Brooklyn rather than at WTC 7. Jerome M. Hauer was the head of Office of Emergency management. This move given the context of the attack PLUS the fact that the World Trade Center (WTC) was already a major target and indeed had been targeted only a few years before, made choosing the target site instead of Brooklyn, a relatively removed yet accessible area a strange choice indeed.

Given the context of the above, one has to wonder what Russian favors were called in? He certainly did do some fixing for tRUmp, so it’s clear he had his own dirty mob-like methods of doing things even way back in the 80s. But during his tenure as Mayor there was quite the abuse scandals. Here’s a list.

As always one has to look at motivations. WHAT is the motivation? as always? Money, Greed. It drives all mob behaviour, all criminal behaviour is driven by avarice. His security agency suddenly was in the highest demand putting him into embedded access with various governments around the world. It gave him even more access to connections he had in the FBI (I’ll get to that shortly). Giuliani had his hands in many pies, and as previously established various mob connections despite the fact that publicly he was “hated” by them. Posturing is always a public matter. Always look beneath the surface and you’ll find the truth of the matter as stated above with Rudy’s mob ties. One can theorize that Giuliani’s tough stance on the mob was to knock out competitive elements to clear a path for Russian mobsters to take over (which apparently did given the state AG arrests going on in NYC now with Russian mobsters). All said I’d be remiss if I did not mention his conncetions to Russian finance. A pretty damning aspect of this if there ever was one given how Alfa Bank has been in the news recently.

So going back to the original question having established various details of Giuliani’s character, how is he connected to 9/11 as the “insider”? Well as a former prosecutor, the need to preserve evidence is rather crucial. Giuliani bragged about his ability to clear debris fast, thus eliminating crucial evidence that could have been used to for more data on this. The stranger thing is that he sold all the steel to China. China…a Russian business partner on the world stage even then. Why not American businesses?

There are far too many redflags and connections in this to assume he was blameless here. While he may not have plotted the planes course/target, his curious preperation for the 9/11 tragedy, coupled with his connections to Russia even then, plus his subsequent connections and existing to people like tRUmp who have been known to be mob connected since at least the 80s, it is a reasonable presumption that he may have been the one person in the best position to help coordinate the cover-up of whatever other damning thing would have come out of a more thorough investigation of the 9/11 site.

UPDATE: I failed to add the company involved in the demolition efforts. Manafort Brothers Construction and Demolition. The coincidences keep piling up. Why not a local demolition firm? NYC is hardly hurting in construction and demolition companies. Just a thought here. From: http://manafort.com/who-we-are/company-history/ archived at http://archive.is/kyg4o


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