Misdirection & You (A Primer)

Buckle up.

What is misdirection? Let’s start with a little history lesson on the warriors most well known for misdirection. Ninjas. Ignore EVERYTHING you think you know about Ninjas (unless you actually are one, you know who you are). Hollywood is largely full of shit regarding them. They’re going for a cool story with cool FX. BUT, that’s exactly part of the myth of Ninjas so I cannot fault Hollywood for it. They’ve been collectively misdirected into believing a myth. If you’re an anime fan then you know of the many ninja related movies/shows out there. Ninja Scroll, Naruto, etc. Many of those take real elements of the Ninja and exaggerate them greatly for dramatic effect. The CIA even did an excellent write up on it, important that it was that they kept it confidential at one point. A STRONGLY recommended supplemental read for this article. That said the Ninja of today are not the same as the Ninja of that time, but carry on the knowledge. Much of that is drawn upon for teaching today’s spies however.

But I digress. Let’s continue. Much of the Ninja myth is built around their perceived abilities. The ability to “walk” on water, magical abilities known as kuji magic. Google will feed you much bullshit on it, but there is a “real” aspect to it which at the end of the article you will get without my having to explain if you are comprehending. I’m writing this article in the way of the Ninja of old and how they taught their lessons. At least I’ll try.

So did the Ninja “walk on water”? Yes they did! It fooled their enemies into thinking they were supernatural! And it worked! Ok so here’s the misdirection. We know due to science and engineering of…..flotation devices how this would be possible. And they did it back millennia ago! There were two ways they did this. One was a flotation seat made of rope and sealed rabbit pelts filled with air, that was one. The “walking” was a pair of floating pots that could fit their feet and hold their weight. Known as Taru Ikada. That was the more popular one.

Ok so I issued one example of what misdirection looks like. If you were reading carefully you saw where the misdirection was applied in their method. NOW let’s get to the meat.

Let’s use a recent event as an example. The WannaCry hacks.

Note WHO reported Russia suffered the most. Misdirection 😉

Where’s the misdirection here? It’s in WHO reported Russia’s “suffering”. A very popular RUSSIAN Anti-Virus company, currently under investigation by the FBI and has numerous hooks in US Government systems. The claimed “suffering” of Russia misdirects the possibility that they were behind the hack themselves or funded a proxy (who was arrested) to do the dirty work. They play the whole we suffered too, while their real objective remains hidden. Often times they’re targeting a needle in a hay stack they’re aware of exactly, but then creating mass chaos to distract.

Let’s go back to a Ninja tactic commonly used. Feminists are gonna love this one. Kunoichi (Female Ninja) were amongst the deadliest warriors in the Ninja (Bushi/Samurai) world. They were the black ops of the black ops that the Ninja were (Ninja were the black ops of the Samurai world). Ok I’ve made my point. Kunoichi would be worked into positions of being in harems, geisha girls or servants and such. Basically playing on the misogynistic tendencies of the powerful warlords. An ARMY Samurai would come to the castles lay siege to it. They were the distraction. THE DISTRACTION! Imagine thousands of warriors were a mere distraction. The real danger was in that misdirection. The Kunoichi would then take advantage of the commotion outside, set fire to the interior of the castle as ANOTHER misdirection, then find and kill the warlord and others. They were physically formidable fighters. They were in the lions den killing the lions. When used they won wars singlehandedly (with the men as a diversion, yea the men were literally fucking props and were ok with it when they knew about it). This was generally for the more “progressive” factions.

So why this example? Because misdirection was not just one thing, it could be many. Why am I not talking about Russia as much here? Because these are AMERICAN ACTIVE MEASURES! I’m hoping the things I’ve learned and am passing along can lead you on a journey to learn and search out information to educate yourselves on how Russia deceives. Only through personal education will you learn to spot REAL fake news (not what Trump claims is fake), and RAM trolls. It requires a personal effort to learn this. No one can teach it to you. You must teach yourself. I hope this short article can get you started on that path.

That said I would be remiss if I did not post at least one thing insulting to Putin.

His whole image is a fiction.
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