The John Titor Story, WTF?!

Let’s start with this excellent primer on John Titor. I’ll wait…..ok done? Let’s get started. Now why do I bring up some sci-fi crap that’s being passed as real, and been utterly debunked? Why the hell am I discussing John Titor?

If one reads the story closer and in the context of Russian Active Measures (henceforth referred to as RAM), it becomes readily apparent the real angle here. Let’s go back to the page I referenced. Do a search in your browser. Ctrl (or Command if on a Mac) F. Or on mobile the search page feature. Type Russia in the search page field. 18 instances of Russia mentioned in there. Ok whatever right?

Context. We’re against Russia here, mind you the John Titor story happened only 11 years after the USSR was dismantled. Civil War within the US that led to Russia attacking us….and winning following me here? Ok let’s break down each of the more “subtle” key points.

  • We are in a civil war that leads to Russia jumping in on one side to subjugate and exterminate the other, not ironically the “resistance” are the bad guys in this here. Simply put the mindset is basically that the “resistance” are the bad guys but the Russians and the “good guys John Titor was part of” killed most of their enemies in said “resistance”, so “good guys” right? The “resistance” wanted to maintain power and control, which implies the current system we have is oppressive, the Representative Republic we exist in is some kind of oppressive machine. Let’s dig into the next point behind this mindset shall we?
Umm what are people resisting? Russians who assisted a movement to subvert the legitimate government? Sound familiar?
  • Russia has had a hard on for putting down dissent in the most violent way possible. We see this often with Russia that’s the subtle message in here. Indoctrination is never overt, it’s subtle. It requires playing rhetorical games and making bad things appear good. Russia excels at this propaganda. This rhetoric and the rest of the rhetoric building up here appeals heavily to the rural (and heavily republican) areas that breed the militant nonsense we have seen. These are the people this kind of message appeals to. Don’t be too surprised if the whole “Resistance”  (the word not the concept) was heavily promoted by Russia as a trigger for people who buy into this and other Alt-Reich bullshit! Look at the reactions it gets now as proof of this from the right!


  • Ok this one is easy. Russia has had an insane interest in seeing this happen to us especially creating conditions for it. We see this today with the Secessionist and #CalExit movements. Secessionist movements originate with the ultra-right leaning types and #CalExit is a ultra-left leaning movement (Coincidence that the head of that movement spent a decade living in Russia before coming back to the US, eh?)
Russia’s wet dream..Putin jacks it to this idea every night
  • Here’s a reference to Russia wanting EXACTLY THIS! And a person with the obvious know how to implement it. Professor Igor Panarin is in a great position to do this, seeing information warfare is one of his specialties. See the connections starting to emerge? Mind you his prediction happened in 1998. Two full years before the John Titor story. So plenty of time to prepare this. But here’s a recent reference to another movement that pushes that narrative into reality.


  • Let’s analyze another point here. Russia being the big good guy victor here saving the “little guy” from the tyrannical liberal cities. Notice that Russia is involved in what is supposed to be a CIVIL WAR? Remember Ukraine a couple years ago? Funny how Russia gets involved and  governments not friendly to them get toppled. See below for an example. Remember this was written in late 2000 early 2001.
  • So Russia took on the US, Europe AND China?! in 2015 no less? Only 15 years from their toppling as the USSR and only 5 years from that post while in some serious economic hurt? Yea ok. Whatever, let’s move on. Notice the offhanded comment on Africa too. Interesting as it is the ONLY mention of it.

There are MANY ideas expressed in the John Titor story. It is interesting because of what it represents. I invite you to read it with new eyes if you’ve read it before. And for those new to it, read it with a concept of RAM behind it.  These are examples of the overall tactics used. In this particular tin foiled bullshit, Russia essentially is laying out a roadmap of their plan over the next decade plus. The John Titor Story makes a reference to 9/11 and other events that have loosely played out over the last decade and a half.

While the story itself was debunked the ideas in it remained ingrained in many tin foiled minds. The non scifi ideas become more prevalent in OTHER tin foiled bullshit (aka Conspiracy Theories) stories like the ones later found on InfoWars and the like. What we read here was a roadmap of what Russia plans for us. The above were only 3 small examples of how they do this. Read up and understand how it works.

In Patriotic Solidarity


Russian Media Manipulation Primer

Let’s get into my first (quick) article on how Russia manipulates the world at large to do their bidding. Let’s start with the HOW in simple bullet points:

  • The Russian Government OWNS and EXERTS control over the media content coming from their media. Anyone not toeing that line is removed (and often killed)
  • As we’ve seen from the US and other sovereign national elections, they use alternative forms of media (social media, blogs, conspiracy theories, etc)
  • They buy up OR invest heavily in media-centric properties (Facebook, Twitter, GAB, etc), then use the platform for their propaganda machines. They get insights into how the API’s work and can tailor their bots to work overtime to pump out fake news.
  • They use proxies to enact their plans. Wikileaks, Edward Snowden and a number of other methods, they paint them as heroes while only managing to further their own agenda. Ask the question, who benefited MOST from the Snowden leaks? Who benefited most from the various Wikileaks leaks? Most of all note who has NOT had many if ANY leaks sent about them? Russia and it’s allies. There’s plenty of documentation to support this. I’ll write a supplemental article to cover this below.
  • They intimidate and/or blackmail (Kompromat) people in power or people in key positions. These can be low level players as well or regular people as well they see a use for.
  • They play all sides against each other. Stoke violence from one side vs the other. Notice how the political rhetoric has ratcheted up in full knowledge of some of these Russian actions against us?

Covering a few of the basics here, this is by no means an exhaustive list, that will come later. Merely an intro to some of the many things I will cover for as long as it’s relevant (possibly a LONG TIME). Buckle up. Russia(and Putin especially)has had MUCH to do with many of the horrible events over the last 2 decades (and beyond).

putinhick (2)

Let’s not forget Putin hates bad memes about himself, but he likes the good ones that make him look like a thug/killer. This one especially as it represents Putin’s actual past that he would prefer to forget ;). Let’s remember he hates memes that paint him in a bad light (as in ones painting him into his well known held prejudices). I’ll be covering some of these in a future segment. But here’s one last one since he “loves” these.PutinHoldingdildo Excelsior!

In case you’re interested in a deeper dive via twitter this tweet (pinned on my profile) covers a huge amount of info much of which will also be elaborated on in future articles on this site.


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